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6 Axis Robot Trainers

6 Axis Robot Trainer
Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of 6 Axis Robot Trainer. The Robot Trainer is featured with On Line and Off Line Simulation Software.
Specification :
Brand: Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
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Detailed Description

Compact Design For Training Purpose.
Industrial Motion Controller.
Teach Pendant Facility.
Programmable Digital I/O.
Latest Technological Platform for Software.
Interactive Programming Software.
Powerful 3D simulation, Online and Offline
FMS & CIM Compatibility.

Detailed Description
 No of axis    6
 Link 1  300 mm
 Link 2   300 mm
 Joint actuator    DC Stepper Motor
 Transmission  Timing Belt Drive
 Position feedback  Proximity Switch
 Gripper actuator  Pneumatic
 Weight of robot   50 Kg
 Accuracy  ±0.3
 Repeatability  ±0.2
 Tip Velocity range  500 mm / min
 Pay load capacity  1kg (including griper)
JOINT MOTION (Approx.):  
  J1        - Waist  ± 1400
  J2        - Shoulder   -1000 - 600 
  J3        - Elbow  - 700 + 100
  J4        - Wrist rotate  ± 700
  J5        - Wrist pitch   ± 350
  J6        - Wrist roll   ± 1800
External I/O:  
 8 programmable digital inputs
 8 programmable digital outputs