CNC Drill Trainers

Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC Trainers and having more than 500 Installations Pan India with satisfied clients.

CNC Drill Trainers

➢ CNC Drilling Machine With X, Y & Z Axes Stepper Motor Driven.
➢ All Axes Fitted with ball screws.
➢ Drilling Head with travel up and down for drilling
➢ Variable speed D.C Drive for spindle
➢ The CNC control will have normal drilling, peck drilling & PCD drilling cycles.
➢ Rigid structure to absorb vibrations
➢ Controller with power drive
➢ Computer interface system for communication between controller and PC.
➢ Power full operating software with online and offline simulation.

 Brand :  Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
 Model :  VDM - 200
 Table Length X Width :  450 X 250 mm
 Table Clamping Area :  400 X 250 mm
 Table T Slot :  10 mm Slots width
 Axis Travel
 Longitudinal Traverse :  200 mm
 Cross Traverse :  200 mm
 Vertical Traverse :  150 mm
 Speed :  200 mm - 1500 RPM
 Power :  1H P D C Motor
 Axis Control :  3 AXIS ( X, Y & Z Simultaneously)
 Lease Count :  0.015 mm
 Accuracies, Resolution :  0.015 mm
 Rapid Traverse Rate Z Axis :  8 m/min
 Rapid Traverse Rate :  300 mm / min.
 Feed Rate :  1 - 300 mm / min. ( X & Y Axis)
 Interpolation :  Linear
 Command Type :  Absolute & Incremental
 Date Entry :  Key Board
 Backlash Compensation :  upto 2 mm, on each Axis
 Axis Driver :  D.C Stepper Motors for all the Axis
 Programming :  G, M, S, X, Y, & Z Codes
 Canned Cycles :  Drilling, Peck Drilling & PCD Drilling
 Co-ordinates :  ISO Code programming, point to point movement
 Electrical Power :  230 V, 50 Hz
 Accessories :  Machine vice 100 mm with opening drill chuck
 Collates Dia. 3,4,5,6,8,10,& 12 mm

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