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CNC Drill Trainers

CNC Drill Trainer
VDM 200
Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of CNC Trainers and having more than 500 Installations Pan India with satisfied clients.
Specification :
Brand: Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Model No: VDM 200
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Detailed Description

CNC Drilling Machine With X, Y & Z Axes Stepper Motor Driven.
All Axes Fitted with ball screws.
Drilling Head with travel up and down for drilling
Variable speed D.C Drive for spindle
The CNC control will have normal drilling, peck drilling & PCD drilling cycles.
Rigid structure to absorb vibrations
Controller with power drive
Computer interface system for communication between controller and PC.
Power full operating software with online and offline simulation.

 Model  VDM 200
 Table Length X Width  450 X 250 mm
 Table Clamping Area  400 X 250 mm
 Table T Slot  10 mm Slots width

 Axis Travel

  • Longitudinal Traverse
  • Cross TRaverse
  • VErtical Traverse


  • 200 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 150 mm



  • Speed
  • Power


  • 200 mm - 1500 RPM
  • 1H P D C Motor

 CNC System

  • Axis Control
  • Lease Count
  • Accuracies, Resolution


  • 3 AXIS ( X, Y & Z Simultaneously)
  • 0.015 mm
  • 0.015 mm
 Rapid Traverse Rate  300 mm / min.
 Feed Rate  1 - 300 mm / min. ( X & Y Axis)
 Interpolation  Linear 
 Command Type  Absolute & Incremental
 Date Entry  Key Board
 Backlash Compensation  upto 2 mm, on each Axis
 Axis Driver  D.C Stepper Motors for all the Axis
 Programming  G, M, S, X, Y, & Z Codes
 Canned Cycles  Drilling, Peck Drilling & PCD Drilling
 Co-ordinates  ISO Code programming, point to point 
 Electrical Power  230 V, 50 Hz
 Accessories  Machine vice 100 mm with opening drill chuck
Collates Dia. 3,4,5,6,8,10,& 12 mm