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Heat & Mass Transfer Lab Equipments

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
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Mechanical Specifications
VHT- 1 Heat Transfer in Natural Convection
VHT-8    Heat Transfer in Insulating Powder
VHT-2  Heat Transfer in Forced Convection
VHT-9    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
VHT-3  Heat Transfer in PIN FIN
VHT-10  Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
VHT-4  Heat Transfer in Composite Wall
VHT-11  Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig
VHT-S  Heat Transfer in Metallic Rod
VHT-12  Parallel and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
VHT-6  Heat Transfer in Composite Slab
VHT-13  Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe
VHT-7  Emissivitv Measurement Apparatus
VHT-14  Stefen Boltzman Apparatus.