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PID Controller Trainers

PID Controller Trainer
Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Process Control Trainer's.
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Detailed Description

Input thermocouple, PID controller output with programmable constants
Sparate 4 digit 7 segment LED display for process value and set point value.
Membrane keypad for easy user interaction, polycarbonate focia
Process cycle time between 5 to 10 Minuts, provision to plot step response, fast system response. Alrm setting facility with indication.
Operating temp range 0-450 OC with inbuilt heating source, cooling source and sensor, Tempreture resolution 0.1 OC. Temperature accuracy 0.20C FSD.
PID auto tuning facility using Nicolas - Zigler method, setup to study ocntrol actions at different P,I,D,PI,PD & PID setting at low high and moderate constants
Set up to study effect of tuned and untuned PID constants.
Provision to generate system disturbance both positive and negavie.
Provision to study PID control action against disturbance and process correction.


Universal input, no jumpers, no links, selection through front panel.
Modular construction
Ultra stable power supply
One Time Tuning-Self tuning a standard way of computing the accurate and dependable values for P,I,D factors through Relay amplitude Meghod. This mode of tuning is best suited for most process where the process characteristics are fairly stable.